Grants and Awards


2018/19 – Co-I, Visual Misinformation in Global Perspective: Platforms, Devices, and Users (US$150,000 – Integrity Foundational research awards, Facebook Research)

2017/18 – PI, “With our flesh and blood, let us build a new Great Wall!” Does national anthem exposure influence individuals’ processing of news? (HK$30,000 – C-Centre, School of Journalism & Communication, CUHK)

2015/16 – PI, Multimodal connectedness, media multiplexity and psychological well-being: A lifespan perspective on the impact of interpersonal communication technologies on quality of life (HK$80,000 – CUHK Direct Grant)

2014/15 – PI, The role of ethnic identification in the linguistic intergroup bias: Examining how stereotypical attitudes towards Mainland Chinese by Hong Kongers are manifested through language (HK$30,000 – C-Centre, School of Journalism & Communication, CUHK)

2013/16 – PI, The use of social media for political and civic engagement: A study of Hong Kong citizens (HK$298,000 – RGC Early Career Grant)

2013/14 – PI, Multiple uses. Diverse effects? The impact of mobile phone usage on social capital and subjective well-being (HK$40,000 – CUHK Direct Grant)


2019 – Top Peer Reviewers in Social Sciences, Publons

2019 – Top 3 Faculty Paper and Top Methods Paper, Communication Theory and Methodology Division, AEJMC

2019 – Top 3 Faculty Paper, Intergroup Communication Division, ICA

2013 – Top 3 Faculty Paper, International Communication Division, AEJMC

2011 – Best Research Paper, Political Communication Interest Group, AEJMC

2011 – Top 3 Student Paper, International Communication Division, AEJMC