About me

The most frequent words in my corpus of published work.


I am an Associate Professor at the School of Journalism & Communication, Chinese University of Hong Kong. Concurrently, I am Director of the Centre for Communication and Public Opinion Survey (CCPOS). I also serve as Associate Editor for Social Science Computer Review and Telematics and Informatics, and editorial board member for seven journals.

Research interests

Influenced largely by my international background, work experiences, and reflections on my own personal identity, much of my research examines the uses and impact of communication technologies on individuals and society, focusing on the areas of news, collective action, political engagement and well-being. My body of research is listed in the “Research” page and relates to my five key areas of interest:

  1. Digital media use and political/civic engagement
  2. Communication technology use and well-being
  3. Antecedents of collective action and protest
  4. Social identity, communication and intergroup relations
  5. Cross-national comparative research