New articles in press …

Very pleased that three of my works based on my first GRF grant “The use of social media for political and civic engagement: A study of Hong Kong citizens ” are currently in press:

  • Psychological antecedents and motivational models of collective action. Examining the role of perceived effectiveness in political protest participation. Social Movement Studies.
  • Media use and the Social Identity Model of Collective Action: Examining the roles of online alternative news and social media news. Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly.
  • Social network sites and political engagement: Exploring the impact of Facebook connections and uses on political protest and participation. Mass Communication & Society.

Links to articles are in the “Research” section. Actually, it is only when I entered the articles into this site that I realized that┬ámany of my paper titles follow the┬ásame style — which is basically “Cause + Effect: Examining/Exploring the role/impact of IV on DV”! Maybe I have to be more imaginative with my future titles?

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